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This week we began executing the plumbing strategy. 1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus shows potential of e-Golf powertrain in vintage vehicles; Project e-Bus to be on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum on November 21; Herndon, VA Showcasing the possibilities of the e-Golf powertrain to motivate classic VW models, Volkswagen of America recently commissioned west coast electric vehicle conversion specialist EV West to construct . The Swindon, on the other hand, goes for just about $2,506. It's ready to be connected to the batteries when they go in (shooting for next week). Then wire brushed and sanded the rust off. These would be tougher to find for a reasonable price as most seem to sell for around $100k if theyre in good shape. 96. We purchase electric vehicle conversion kits from EV West. Type 2/T25 - Full-width VW Campervan Rock n Roll Bed. I talked to Kit about the concrete and chronological information on his rebuilds and how we could make it accessible for all of us curious about how such projects can be carried out. The image below it shows the amplifier mounted in place next to the steering column with speaker wires ready to be routed. In this article: eDub Services, Electric conversion, electric conversions, electric vans, Volkswagen (VW), Volkswagen Type II (Bus) Written By Jesper Berggreen Jesper had his perspective. In the early 2000's, John took on the title as "Grumpy", and founded . Feedback ID Choose your VW conversion. Unlike other beetle conversions, this will have 63kWh on board. As part of our electric vehicle conversion service at Jack's Garage, we are very proud to be in partnership and to be the sole UK agent for the illustrious eClassics in Stuttgart Germany. The stereo amp, speakers, and other parts arrived soon after ordering with exception of the stereo itself that should arrive any day. (If youve dabbled with conversions in the past, you know what I mean!) Lower panels will be formed to help keep the weather out. The engine compartment was cleaned up more (removed all the spray-glue), oil. That battery pack consumes a lot of space where other conversions have had room for luxuries like a heater. The busy upper leftimage shows cell tap and thermistor wiring connected and shims (white) that precisely position and stabilize each of the 5 modules. The kit contains the following: Motor: HPEVS AC-50 Controller: Curtis 1238 650 Amp, 96 Volt Instrumentation: Xantrex Link Pro Shunt: Deltec 600 Amp Classic campers are regularly used for hire, so we figured, as a good return on investment, we should run our electric camper for hire. Since the flex circuit repair, all of the slave BMS PCBs have been modified (traces cut). The old dash panels, switches, glove box door, etc. Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit: NetGain HyPer 9 Motor with Tesla Battery Read more. The new spring arrives Monday. You can kind of get an idea of a lot of older german cars and or other older manual small cars. The shaping and fitting of nearly every vent, trim piece, and switch had to be persuaded into place. INSTALLATION INCLUDES: Conversion Parts & Labor Stainless Steel Header Stainless Steel Exhaust Radiator and fans Small Car Aluminum Oil Pan New Engine Matched Clutch, Pressure Plate & Release Bearing Aluminum Bellhousing (for manuals) Powder Coated Engine Mount New Rubber Engine Mounts Heavy-Duty Stainless Muffler Supports & Clamps With the production of the original Volkswagen Beetle coming to an end this year when the final example rolled off the Puebla factory assembly line in Mexico it appeared as though this classic cars story was over for good. The Microbus shown here was actually built for an Omaze giveaway in early 2021, so needless to say, it's dressed to the nines with 21st-century components. VW Beetles are a popular option, says Mr Pauly, who has converted three in his workshop, and sold about 20 conversion kits with batteries and motor for owners to do the work themselves. After deciding that the plan was a good one, we started the business dimensions. The difficulty of the conversion depends on the car you choose, the power you aim to have, and the range that you want. Designed for electric vehicles in the 3000 to 4800 pound range, this a true highway-capable EV kit with excellent performance! Thomas Schmall, a member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group Components, commented on the project: The electrified Beetle combines the charm of our classic car with the mobility of the future. It's not a photogenic step in the process. After reviewing a few types of batteries in different scenarios, the Tesla battery modules used in the Tesla Model S and X are a good option for this build in several ways. A specialist in all things Porsche and VW, Zelectric offers electric conversions for a variety of different German classics, be it a 356, a Beetle, or even a Thing. The price of a Bharat Electric Car Conversion Kit in India is Approx. The company converts cars for around Rs 2,40,000 and Rs 5,70,000. We were in too deep and our only option was success. The great thing about an 818 kit is that they start at around $10k, so (without work) between the kit and the electric vehicle conversion kit youre looking at around $20k for a small electric sports car., The Karmann Ghia is a classic Volkswagen sports car that was made from the 50s to the 70s. I like to compare this period to a story I once heard about the origins of Pixar. transmission adapter plate fit-tested, and ready to receive the motor (which hasn't arrived yet). This series is the result, in Kit Laceys own words. The left and right side duct tubes will get replaced with directional and closable vents. Subscribe below to receive occasional promotions and updates. I fell in love with images of them on tea towels and mugs. I'm told it's coming, but In the meantime, we've been using one that we had on the shelf with the same outer dimensions, but a wrong pack voltage element. Without that perseverance from John and Steve, Pixar would never have made it and the world would have missed out. The USA-740-Radio from Custom Autosound arrived. It is very stabilized once in place, and it is not relying on the solder bridges for mechanical strength. Modules were inserted, and the fit was as good as we had hoped. Even specifically VW camper vans have a huge industry built around keeping them on the road. The PCBs are all mounted and ready for harness wiring. It will look a bit like we're going backward for a few days, but the new finish plan will be much better. Taking off in 2nd or 3rd gear without clutching is just as we hoped. "We can convert a Beetle in less than a month," he says. This week we worked out the specific placement of components that are not mounting directly to the battery enclosures. Next week will be spent preparing the car to receive them. Similarly, this box has coolant lines routed through another steel tube from the box on the right side, not visible in this image. Products - Any - Volkswagen Swingaxle ('61-'68 T1, '61-'67 Bus) Type 1 IRS ('69 & Later) 002 Bus ('68-'75 Type 2 IRS) I disagree with, but appreciate this observation. Then they popped in their electric components. Electric vanagon conversion. This full-width bed is made from 20x20x2.5mm box section and all the brackets/hinges are cnc laser cut. This increased power comes in an engine that's more compact, so your engine compartment is less cluttered than it was . The gland nuts for the cables to pass through are also installed. Jesper had his perspective on the world expanded vastly after having attended primary school in rural Africa in the early 1980s. Now, here lay our issue: The motor and controller were manufactured by two different companies in the US, and both had failed. High current cables were started, and cooling systems parts were gathered and began getting mounted and plumbed. The owner is currently rebuilding the flat-six with an 964 intermediate shaft and GT3 . Many VW Bugs have been converted in the past with efficiency claims between 200 and 300 Watt-hour per mile (Wh/mi). . We now have enough P100D top clamshells to assemble the front pack and will begin that next week. We must replace the stock PCB (green) with a reliable connection method. Having open space below it feels roomy. If that is feasible, we reviewavailable motor and controller/inverter solutions that can providethe efficiency and powerwithin budget for this application. The classic split-screen camper has carried the image of the hippy vibe for over 60 years and its still going strong. EAS (Electric Auto Sports) has done the conversion on several vehicles, and they have not missed the Vanagon. When the flow is restricted too much on these pumps the pressure drops. And thecircuit to adapt the Master BMS power limit signal to the dash light is in and tested. That's about a 50% increase! . He visited eDub HQ and fitted the new motor and controller. But this stage is not drive testing, yet. Interior workwas to follow this conversion project. A lot of time went into exploring how to add a simple and reliable electric heat source while also being able to plumb the air to the existing vents. The clear polycarbonate guarding will keep curious fingers from touching the exposed high voltage post on the main contactor. (250Wh/mi) x (150 miles) = capacity of 37,500Wh, or 37.5kWh, (250Wh/mi) x (200 miles) = capacity of 50,000Wh, or 50kWh. The lightened flywheel was even further lightened because I couldn't resist cutting off the ring gear since a starter motor will never be used to crank it over. This shop is usually a next-day lead time. The company, named eDub Services, was founded by a young man named Kit Lacey, and since my piece on his business, he and I have been in conversation about this fascinating field of entrepreneurship. VW Bus Bay Window T2 Power Window Regulator Conversion Kit Left & Right 68-79 Brand New $255.50 Save up to 15% when you buy more Buy It Now Free shipping Sponsored VW TYPE3 Fastback Variant Notchback 1967-1973 Weber Conversion Kit see details (For: Volkswagen) Brand New $619.79 Buy It Now Free 4 day shipping Last one 9 watchers Sponsored The press-fit of the nylon hose onto the connectors requires a special tool with a 3 week lead time, and a pretty penny. Volkswagen has teamed up with specialist firm eClassics based in Germany to provide the official conversion kit. coolant connectors for the Tesla P100D battery modules, were included in the shipment. I've created, for this topicand to give early warning to builders considering these modules. This way, the fasteners can be removed from this side without having to remove the battery pack on the other side of this wall.On the right, the two 6-fuse low voltage (12V) fuse blocks and 3 diode-equipped cube relays for the rear of the car are mounted on the door of the high voltage box. 5 Lakhs. The 12V heater fan wiring harness was completed, secured, and tested by operating the 3-speed switch on the dash. The project had eaten our private investment, and then doubled that because of paying off the matched loan. The components were carefully picked out to be the best available for the Bus, and fit and finish have been refined. We are experimenting with a higher pressure pump. 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There will be other cosmetic panels. Plus, spotting one on the motorway on bank holiday travels. Rather than wait for a tool, I looked up some clever ways people have accomplished similar press-fits like this. Those plates will be ordered on Monday. The space in the box is very constrained, making hose overlaps a pinch risk. That's the point. The tires are mounted on the new wheels with chrome valve stems and caps. Sourcing duct hoses of the proper size and adapting at couplers where needed was the challenge. A friend of mine has a mechanic friend who we called to see if he would be interested in the idea of helping us with the conversion. It mates with the four steel tabs on the back-side of the original dash. An e-Porsche 356 could also be pursued in the future.. More high current cables were routed, crimped, and installed by Chris. More BMS testing is needed to verify the settings are working, but much of that is more easily done when we're driving. The later classic, the T25, fixed a lot of the running issues plagued by the early campers, but we werent going to care about running issues. Plus, in my opinion, the T25 is a little ugly (send angry letters to my editor). One phone call later we were on our way up north. Thirty minutes later all 10 lines for the front box were pressed onto the Tesla P100D modules. The box had to be disassembled to repair it (as described above). VW T6.1 and T5 Campervan VW T25 Campervan VW T2 Campervan VW Kombi Day Van VW Split Screen Campervan You can find some for around $10-$15k in good working shape. That went together as planned. Battery capacity, of course. Click here to view more details about the P100D 6.3kWh coolant connectors in a separate blog post. The center image shows the radiatorsand fans mounted, with the throttle pot box in the upper left. For more on this surprisingly complex topic,see the. The manifolds transition the five small lines to one bigger tube. Another spot nearby was beginning to tear also, so it received the same treatment. Its PTC element was the wrong voltage, but everything else was identical. The left-most orange cable is from the front battery pack area. In that process, I determined there are10+ EV-related low voltage fuses and at least 4 relays all in the engine compartment. Hi, Shane! From this, the CAD models were updated as shown in the bottom image, and the final stainless steel parts are being laser-cut as I write this update. Millions of beetles were produced and there are so many still around. When we began to route our Orion BMS cell tap wires, we discovered one module had a torn-off flex circuit (bottom right). Scopema RIB seat beds , VW T5 T6 rear and side windows . Note from Kits first-in-line editor, Jesper: I like the T25 its boxy! The ElectrAA Show was also a chance to meet Robert Llewellyn, the Fully Charged presenter and a bit of an EV icon. The key information you need, such as range, charge speed, power and price, are easy to see and compare right here. They are already planning to do conversions of other models as well. The Bus also uses 911 suspension components and 964/944 disc brakes. At eDub Conversions, we aim to create full transparency with our costs. We can accomplish our drive systems maximum and minimum voltage range, With 5 modules wired in series, the full and empty voltages fall within the operating range of our motor controller. Thirty minutes later all 10 lines for the front box were pressed onto the Tesla P100D modules. It probably doesn't help that the steel of this car experienced a front-end collision and may have tweaked geometry. Next week we begin assembly of the modules into the boxes. John Alba started over 30 years ago with automotive repairs when he bought his first VW beetle. The wiring harnesses and connections were completed, trained into position and where needed, protected with convoluted tubing. Under the car, each line is labeled where it connects, and all lines and manifolds have been secured with rubber-coated stainless steel P-clamps.
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